Monday, 15 April 2013

Traditional and Modern Jewelry Growing In Popularity among Fashion Luminaries

Preserving the highest level of artisanship and presenting India's fine heritage in US, Tempus Gems Pvt. Ltd. is steadily gaining a strong hold in the national as well as international markets. Even many celebrities are flaunting ‘tempus gems’ in the renowned events; like Adriana Maria Rodriguez wearing a Tempus Gems piece in Envy 2011. She also chose to wear a tempus gems piece in More White Party that presents her love for Antique Jewelry and precision artwork. In an event, one of the media representatives asked about her jewelry on which she answered that she bought antique from Tempus Gems. Besides this these beautiful, elegant and edgy jewel pieces have more been enjoyed by Hollywood Royalty like Prince of Spain and Her Excellency, Mrs. Helene Youssouffi, Prime Minister of Poland, etc.

Widely demanded by clients for India’s big fat weddings, Gold Jewelry is commonly worn by brides at weddings to endow them with a royal look. Apart from intricate designs and precision handwork of gems, Mughal Jewelry has gained immense popularity due to its ornate patterns and imperial look. Due to this reason, many royal family members and people of high ranks proudly flaunt such jewelry right from jeweled turbans and head-jewelry to thickset toe rings. This magnificent jewelry worn by the leading pair, which got noticed by both the common people and the jewelers.

Vintage Collection  is produced with a modern twist; still it lays emphasis on enameling and stonework that stayed true to its roots. The popularity of Mughal Jewelry reached its zenith that its trademark enameling and stonework were adopted by other Indian regions for their regional jewelry. People of high ranks still prefer to adorn with heavy jewelry beset with huge stones and beads that mark a level of royalty and lineage. Moreover, the enameling process is known as Meenakari and stone setting is called Jadau, in which Birds, Flowers, and Paisley are the most common designs. Our range of Necklaces and Chains includes thin ornaments with enameled pendants to heavy ornaments with glittering gemstones. We feature Gemstones and Premium Beads prominently only on those ornaments that we believe will bestow its wearers with a bejeweled look. 

Known as the trusted manufacturers of Traditional and Modern Jewelry, Tempus Gems Pvt. Ltd. is catering the demands of topnotch clients across the world. This offshoot Ivory Mart Jeweler has spread its roots in last 150 years. It deals in Antique, Estate and Mogul jewelry bringing to you this essential piece of our art and culture in the form of beautiful and timeless pieces of jewelry. Gwen Stefani is also not far in the race of flaunting the best of gems.

To gain an edge in the international market, it is important to offer which is out of league. Tempus Gems with ages of experience always comes up with spell-bounding jewellery that brings sparkles in the eyes of the viewer. The Mughal Jewellery imbibes class as the skilled artisans design it with delicacy.


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